Save Time, Money and, Stress with Automatic Payments

Published on 3/31/2017
In this post, we are going to be discussing the benefits of setting up an automatic monthly payment, how it saves you money, time, and reduces your stress levels all with just a few quick clicks.

Let's start with the benefits of an automatic payment plan.

1. With a properly set up automatic payment plan, you will not have late fees. This could save you $20.00 or more per month. An automatic payment plan can also save you the cost of a check, the envelope and postage each month. That amounts to approximately $6.00 per year in additional savings while also saving you time and stress. 
2. Since the inception of the much beloved and often maligned television series Storage Wars, many people experience stress due to concerns that their stored personal possessions will be sold. Let me assure you, that we do not sell people's possessions unless they do not pay their storage bill. A properly administered automatic payment plan can help alleviate that stress because you know that your storage bill will be paid monthly.
3. An automatic plan can save you time in addition to reducing your stress and saving you money. Why do something yourself that a computer can do for you? The computer can make your payment quickly and efficiently. No taking time out of your busy day to write checks, fill out the envelope, affix postage and, mail the payment. 

You might be wondering how to set up an automatic payment. On our website, it is really easy to do. First login to your account then follow these simple steps:
1. Login
2. Chose your location and click Existing Customer Login
3. Enter your username and password. If it does not work, make sure you selected the correct location because your login credentials are location specific.
4. Click on Recurring Billing
5. Click on Add Payment Account
6. Under account type, choose ACH for a direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Or choose Credit Card to have your payment applied to your credit card. If you are using a debit card, we do prefer ACH as the fees are much lower for an ACH transaction as opposed to a debit card transaction. ACH helps us keep rental rates from rising as rapidly. 
7.  Fill out the required information, click Save and you are done!

Once the automatic payment has been set up, it will debit your account on the 1st day of every month. If you need the automatic payment to run on another date each month (for example on the 3rd of the month), you can just give us a quick call and we can add an offset to your payment plan for you. 

If you have set up your automatic payment and it is after the 1st of the month and you have not yet paid that months rent, you will need to process a manual payment as the system will not charge again until the next month. For example, on April 2, 2017 Joe sets up an automatic payment but has not paid his April rent yet. The automatic payment that Joe has set up will run on May 1, 2017. Joe will need to make a manual payment for April's rent to avoid late fees. 

Another option for automatic payments is through your financial institution. Most banks and credit unions offer their own version of an automatic payment plan. While I can't tell you how to set that up as each institutions process will be different, it is generally a pretty easy thing to do. If you are going to set up an automatic payment through your financial institution, just make sure that you select the deliver by date to be the 1st of the month so that you can be assured that we receive the payment on time. Please include the unit number as the account number. If you are paying for someone else's storage unit, still include the unit number as the account number but also put the tenant's name in the memo line. This will help us to get the payment credited to the correct account.

If you are ready to set up your automatic payment, you can login to our website to set up your automatic payment, click here then chose the location where your possessions are stored and click Exiting Customer Login. If your possessions are in Rice Lake but you accidentally click on Cumberland, your username and password will not work. For security purposes, your login credentials are location specific. 

 Thank you and happy storing!